The Larger View

Norfolk Va

This is where I discovered the channel markers graveyard and shot my two posts, Retired Channel Markers and Channel Markers Revisited.  I wanted to share with our viewers the kinds of places I go to find really interesting shots.  One of my favorite places to explore is near the train tracks in any city or small town.  I have never been disappointed by the photographic treasures that live near the tracks!  When I decided to venture into this neighborhood, I had no idea that these channel markers were stored here. Now I want to find out their history! Stay tuned! I shot this through the windshield by the way so it’s not the greatest quality. I didn’t want to startle the man heading my way by jumping out and taking a picture. And yes I could probably jazz it up with some post processing but other images are already waiting for me there!

Dear Readers: Two Quick Things

Hi there. We have a question for you. You probably noticed that we recently switched to a three column theme. We had some hypothetical reasons for wanting to check it out. Now we’d like to know what you think. Do you prefer the new look or the old one-column approach? Can you briefly tell us why?

Also, we know you’re following because every time someone posts a new shot we see all the likes. We appreciate that, too. And since most of us here are working to improve our craft, in some cases for nefarious commercial ends, we’re especially interested in hearing what you like and what you don’t like – and again, why. Honest feedback helps us get better at what we do, so don’t worry about hurting our feelings. In other words, we’d love to hear from you in the comments .

Many thanks – we’re glad you’re here.