twist and turn

Surrounded the camera with a bit of knitted wool lace – experimenting with texture and shape.

I engage with the yarn for weeks (or months) in it’s conventional form, anticipating the final product – then to photograph it I ignore the object and focus on the fabric created by the process. That pleases me more than the finished object. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “twist and turn

    • Thanks Sam – it is fun to experience an object in a unique way. The yarn is a deep red/copper/orange color – and to the hand, smooth, not as fuzzy as these images betray. It was exciting to me when I saw the wild threads of wool escaping the forced pattern my knitting imposed.

      • Ah thanks for the visit and kind words 🙂 Yes I knit, or well, I used to. When I pulled out my needles to make this years Christmas family group gift, I realized the last time I knit something was last Christmas!! Yikes!! Photography has really taken over my brain, and I find getting a satisfying shot of anything yarn to be quite elusive. This first shot you’ve got is SO interesting to me. The fibers, the structure and the glow really make it interesting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  1. Really nice work. The thing that made the first one really deliver for me was the muted, but bright-by-contrast yellow light at top-right. It suddenly made something which was very abstract into something very real, and my mind (and it appears other people’s) searched for a framework to explain this light source and red tubing and panels. The heart operation thing was the perfect solution.
    Until we find that it’s yarn. Amazing mind-journey. The creativity in looking at yarn in this way is quite exciting.

    • Thanks – what was that sci-fi movie where the people got small and traveled inside the human body? Is it Fantastic Voyage? This is my secret yarn voyage…

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