5 thoughts on “loneliness …

  1. That kind of red is always unexpected once the weather turns, isn’t it?

    I do find myself wanting to ask a question about a technical choice you make here. I’d expect you to crop it so that the limb emerged from the lower left corner instead of just above it. I also expect the berry (I guess that’s what it is) to land either a little higher or a little lower, in accordance with the Iron Law of Thirds that Greg loves so much. But you don’t do either and I wonder why. I’m still trying to learn all I can about composition and when I see “rules” violated by good shooters I always suspect there’s a learning opportunity there.

    • Some of my sensibilities about composition probably derive from designing about 25,000 newspaper pages. I think more about the path the eye follows than where specific parts of an image fall. As a page designer, I was trained in Mario Garcia’s concept of “center of visual impact” — to me, that’s the location in a design that first draws the viewer’s eye. That does not mean, however, that the center of visual impact ought to be in the center of a page — or, in this case, the center of an image. Clearly, that’s the case here. The berry is the CVI. The eye naturally follows up one branch and down another.

      I first framed this as you noted … with the branch emerging from the lower left of the image. But I just didn’t like it that way. Instinct? Who knows? But I like it better this way.

      • Aha. I knew there had to be a thought process here, and I probably should have guessed page design had something to do with it. I’m working hard to follow the rules these days – I’m either using the rule of thirds or the golden section religiously – and it’s helpful to think about cases where they can be violated, and how, and why. Thanks.

    • I’ve never paid attention to those rules. Perhaps subconsciously I adhered to them. But I think you’ll discover, after shooting thousands of images, that you own internal sensibility will guide you best.

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