5 thoughts on “Under the Sea

  1. Him checking his phone is perfect in a way. There’s a tension between that and the wonderment of the woman on the right, and I like the ghostly banality of him wandering around paying no attention in the midst of the beauty. The kinds of shots I often take are more about structure than storytelling, but this one is a little different.

    The more I look at this shot the more I like it. At first I thought it was a throwaway, but the processing I think takes it someplace more interesting than the raw image.

  2. This is sort of becoming one of my favorite shots. The more I look at it, the more I feel like the processing decisions revealed something that I simply did not perceive in the raw image. I have tried to use processing as a way of “maximizing” or “perfecting” the core image, but this technique I’ve played with lately, desaturating elements and boosting the color in others, is opening up how I think about the finished product.

    Ain’t learning fun?

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