7 thoughts on “In the dark of the night

    • Plexiglass – I didn’t even realize you could print onto plexiglass. How are these pieces hung – with a light source behind them? Is it expensive? If it’s reasonable, I might experiment.

      • You can print on plexiglass and metal and wood, you name it. You hang it like anything else – a nice little spot would be perfect. It is pricy, though. Check out Duraplaq.com or ask GregT about it. He uses them a lot.

  1. I like the incredible simplicity. No, it’s more an elegance. Simple, but loaded with meaning-potential. I’m a big fan of how black works in both composition and meaning, and I get both here. The lines … power or phone … we don’t know unless you tells us as you have … send a message of interconnectedness and communication. I feel quite comforted by this image.

    • I really appreciate your comment, thanks. I have been thinking about shape lately and trying to distill some of my shots to just the essence of the shape. I was pleased to have the notion of tree and line captured here. It is stark, not everyone’s cup of tea, but pleased it left you feeling interconnectedness.

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