trapped bird

As for a photo telling a story, this one speaks volumes. I was heartbroken to discover this little bird trapped inside a huge pile of crab pots I was shooting yesterday. This image also presented the photographer’s dilemma – I didn’t dare mess with someone else’s property in order to assist him. So he and I remained helpless in the face of his decision. I can only hope that he eventually found a way out of his cage, and if not I hope he at least finds food in there. Curiosity kills more than cats I suppose.

Really Bad Decision

5 thoughts on “Really Bad Decision

    • I thought about doing something like that. Or at least going back with food for him. I bet all kinds of animals get trapped in those pots, which is terribly sad to think about.

      • Uggg…I hate moral dilemmas Cyndi. It’s just a little female Finch, but it’s a life. I looked online and it appears that the top should be hinged and 1/2 of it folds back, so if that pot isn’t buried under 20 others the bird could be released without damaging the pot.

        I’d go make it right and maybe tie a $10 bill to the pot if I had to use wire cutters to free her . The pots aren’t very expensive.

      • That is sad. In some states, you can call a game warden or some other office, and they’ll give advice or offer assistance. That would keep you out of trouble, but still allow you to get some help for the little guy. Just a thought.

  1. It was indeed buried underneath a bunch of pots and right in the middle unfortunately. In this neck of the woods, I would probably get laughed out of town for calling anyone about it. The necks are pretty darn red around here! I will go back today and check on her (thanks for the ID Frank!). In the meantime, I will save whatever lives I can – I just ushered a daddy long legs out of my car and off on his merry way!

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