5 thoughts on “Whoville World’s Fair, October 1962

  1. Close – now if you want a real layer of the original – color the space needle top Galaxy Orange. That was it’s original color. 🙂

    • I was looking at google images this morning before that comment (trying to get the right name for the orange) – the period shots indicate it was orange on the rings too. They paint that thing all sorts of colors anymore.

      • It’s hard to tell for sure from the pics I’m finding, but it looks like it was all kinds of orange from the top, including the rings, but white on the bottom. I might not be finding what you’re talking about. I do wish they’d go back to the orange, though. That was awesome.

  2. They repainted it the original Galaxy Orange (or, at least, as close as they could recall it) for the 50th anniversary celebration last year. (It was just one shade of orange.) After that, it was forest green for several months. Now, it’s back to its usual white.

    I miss the orange. It made it look more like itself somehow. The green was a nice change, too.

    If you want to know what the decision process was, ask Cruickshank, who was in the Mayor’s office when they decided to start mucking with the color.

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