5 thoughts on “you can just drive up to the otherworldly.

  1. This is a surprisingly active image for me – there is tension in not knowing what is behind the big outcropping in front, tension in not understanding this landscape and being able to place myself on the planet. Perhaps this was even underwater at one point. I hope you share the location. The more I look into the image the deeper I am drawn.

    • Just to the east of Winslow, AZ, on I-40, you encounter both the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest NP. The Painted Desert is amusing, but strangely enough, you can grow tired quickly of the scarlets, purples, greens, oranges, blacks, whites and all those colors the desert floor and its rock come in. But over in the Petrified Forest, you run into an incredible range of terrain with its own set of colorations. For some reason, I really gravitate more to this place of petrified logs and brilliant rainbows of color in the rock-wood. And the ground stuff … the way the land is warped, woofed, and crumpled, then laid out for inspection … there’s my favorite place of the two.

      • So, are those stumpy outcroppings actually tree trunks? What an awesome place. I’ve seen slices of petrified wood in a museum in Yakima – never been to an entire petrified forest. Thanks for sharing the location information.

  2. So, to be clear, you’re standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona?


    The fascinating thing about this for me is that with a little processing you could render this into something that was indistinguishable from Mars Rover shot. Instructive, that would be. Great capture.

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