4 thoughts on “a quiet, rural landscape*

  1. Compositionally I might be tempted to crop it a little tighter at the top to sort of more precisely mirror that wonderful line of field at the bottom. That said, congrats on doing something that nobody else has ever made me do: remember the place fondly….

  2. Every once in a while, Sam and I end up at odds. I really admire both the bottom and the breathable top crops. Quite unconventional, and very effective in giving us the flow of the image. Also, on the subject itself … Amber and I were driving just the other day and encountered a number of half-empty, half-seminude trees with these leaves the were pure dull color, no green. Somehow, they had a majesty to them, in place of what I’d previously considered as the next step into death. Yes, you’ve given us something of real beauty here.

  3. I just want to climb up on that ridge with my wife and dog and walk it slow through filtered light while we smell the leaves and damp wood and listen to the squirrels scampering through the trees.

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