5 thoughts on “fallen

  1. Dawn, I really like this process of discovery. Online, I had to scroll down to see the green leaf finally revealed. But I don’t think that’s any different than it would be if I were to view the whole thing at once. We start from the top, and move down to the discovery. It’s quite rewarding. The Japanese Maples around here are quite incredible. The one in the shot is like one I saw a couple weeks ago in full red color … the leaves were so thick, the tree looked furry.
    Which camera did you use on this? I’m wondering if my Canon could have handled the reds as well. Canons seem to smear reds, more than hold their distinct edges, as you did.

    • Thank you for your always thoughtful comments. The shot was taken with my Lumix LX3 – I just love that little camera.

      I took the shot after Saturday’s horrific wind storm. The leaves were stripped from the tree and pooled at the base. I found the arrangement to be reminiscent of the hem of ladies red gown. The green leaf was a huge bonus – nature’s artistic touch.

  2. How hard did you have to look to find this spot? After that wind I’m amazed there was as lead or needle left this side of the Idaho border.

    Gorgeous colors. But what really gets me here is the compelling downward flow of the image. My eye automatically wants to read just about everything left to right, which is probably obvious in my own shots. This one violates my expectations in ways that make me rethink my biases.

    • Wind is a funny thing – that particular tree is at the foot of our front steps, so not a difficult search. Did you lose power over the weekend? It was rocking up here, but the power held.

      Thanks for the thoughts on reading the image top to bottom. The shape of the tree branches and the pool of leaves reflected that strong downward movement. It was so beautiful I had to grab the camera.

      • We didn’t lose power, although walking the dog was an adventure.

        I have to think more about motion and my obsession with left to right. I assume that has something to do with being a writer, and I know that it’s just me. I have taken shots that I like that don’t flow that way, like my Packard ornament pic. But it bugs me. I even tried mirroring that one to see how it looked but it didn’t work.

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