Lean – West Seattle

Lincoln Park

This spot kind of interested me because of all the trees leaning the same way. The sound is through the trees to the left a hundred yards or so, and I wonder if maybe a big storm blowed ’em over. Not sure.

As our good friend Greg Stene has noted, out here in the PNW the sky isn’t always your friend. There just wasn’t much way of lining this shot up without the sky, though, so I’ll have to live with it.

4 thoughts on “Lean – West Seattle

  1. Extreme. A great example of a major problem we have in this area of the country. This area has a lot of leaners. I think the soil is not all that stable, and the trees don’t drop deep taproots since the water is plentiful at the surface. All the above is supposition. Your feeling about the wind being responsible is dead-on, I think. We get trees falling all the time around here after lengthy rainfalls and sudden winds. Was it like that in NC?

  2. I really like this. The image is peaceful; it’s a place to stop and rest a spell. That’s not easy to capture, but it’s done very well here. So thanks for the rest …

  3. I love the gentle bend in the trail – until I read Greg’s comment I wasn’t even considering the cause of the leaning trees. You get so used to them here – that scene looked completely normal to me. It is a beautiful shot Sam.

  4. Thanks, all. Lincoln Park is a pretty place. Been a long time since I had trees like that to wander around in.

    G: Trees would fall down, but that kind of wind was really rare unless the remnants of a hurricane were blowing through.

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