4 thoughts on “vier Augen …

  1. Who you calling four eyes Denny? LOL…I love the 3 dimensional diffraction rings around the central airy disk, especially prominent on the far left. Their almost perfect concentricity and spacing shows a very well collimated telescope…well, macroscope in this case. An intriguing image!

    • If you had been, you would have seen the rain falling on the deck. You’d have noticed the beads of water under the arms of the patio furniture. You would have taken an umbrella, duct-taped it to a kitchen chair, and dragged the chair onto the deck and positioned the umbrella over that arm. Then you would have set your Canon on a tripod under the umbrella. You would have fetched your (brand-new!) LED studio light and held a hat over it while positioning it to back-light the drops. Then you would have pushed the goddamned shutter and prayed …

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