4 thoughts on “House of Deliverance #2

  1. This one is seriously creepy – well done. The broken slats of the blinds right at a child’s eye level – the stains on the hem of the drapes – just makes your skin crawl.

  2. Thanks for the image … I am left wondering what the House of Deliverance #1 would serve up. And thanks for the Door Whores reference/link. I noticed “DervishImages.com” at that site consistently puts up rather amazing stuff. I will have to pay them some attention Do you know who they are?

  3. Dervish and Door Whores are some wonderful WordPress discoveries, connections I have made via various blogs. I am a contributor now on Door Whores thanks to Adrian Pym, a very fine photographer (and lover of doors like me!) who does incredible work. Dervish Images is definitely worth a look – gorgeous stuff right up my alley. Both are quite inspirational.

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