Jesus House Revisited

Some of you may have seen my door shot titled “I Found Jesus”  and/or the shot of the other side of this wonderful old house which I posted as “Doggie Door” shortly after coming aboard here.  I went back the other day to  shoot it again, planning to use my tripod this time, but in a typical blonde moment forgot to put the tripod in the car. Oh well.  I was just happy to find the door still untouched and the house still standing.  The tree by the doggie door has gotten huge now but not much else has changed.

8 thoughts on “Jesus House Revisited

  1. Thank you – but now I am curious what you might have done with the image in terms of “digital machinations”. I did try to keep it subtle in this one. I have another version from a slightly different angle where I had to play with the shadows so as to see things inside that window. But as a general rule I do try to avoid overprocessing a shot like this one, although then I may miss out on maximum impact sometimes. Or if I do process it numerous ways, I’m like Sam trying to figure out which one is the one to post! Which explains why I have over 1800 images on Flickr now … I just upload them all there.

    • I would have been sorely tempted to see what a bleach filter would do with that metal and rust. I think it would have been nice, but not as … organic, I guess is the word, as your take is. I’m certain I couldn’t have done as well as you have.

  2. Dawn I just love this door. It almost looks like fringe at the bottom. And no I didn’t peek in the window! Abandoned houses give me the creeps, as drawn to them as I am. You just never know what or who may be living in there. I may post another shot of this house where you can see what appears to be hangers with clothes inside that window. Afraid to get too close to investigate though!

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