Can you hear the conversation… but Mom it was an accident, can I climb in the fountain and get it?
I had a real struggle getting this shot – and in fact did not get the shot I was attempting at all. I was spot metering on the ball but the camera was distracted by the waterfall. It is a tough shot with a point and shoot – I should have gone fully manual, but was using a program ae mode. Oh well – that’s photography – sometimes you capture it just so, and other times you just add to your learning.

5 thoughts on “Oops…

    • Thanks – I finally decided to post the image because of that aspect of the shot. I like it too – and it was an unintentional result.

  1. Earth in the maelstrom, love it Dawn, packed with energy. I thought it was two pictures side by side for a moment though, the left inside vertical edge of the fountain makes such a dramatic stop. Neat!

    • I didn’t even see the earth metaphor until you mentioned it. Just like your other post – a reminder to see the larger (much larger) picture.

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