4 thoughts on “morning shroud …

  1. Is it really that colorful, Denny? I can’t tell with you anymore. If so, it would be an incredible place for that inspiration Sam’s talking about. Something about color not supposing to be there. Greys and browns are the colors that belong on markers. Not reds, blues, and greens. Very nice change-up on expectations. It’s a far better color image than the B&W. The B&W doesn’t quite reach that plateau of giving me something more than a newish gravesite. But the color … it kills.

    • No, it’s not that colorful. But I wanted to show something beyond the funereal aspect of fog shrouding a cemetery. Mourners (or celebrators of a life) often leave colorful objects next to gravestones. You can see many in this picture. Many of the stones are warm in color naturally (some of the pink granites, for example), so I decided to heighten them. Call the image an expression of hope for the living, I suppose.

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