6 thoughts on “Molten Angel

  1. I vote basic process. The bleach strips the illusion of motion out of the image. Look at the wings on the figure in the basic process. More streaks of blue exists there; the sense of motion is imparted more so than in the bleach version.

  2. Predictably, the disagreement begins immediately. 🙂

    I hadn’t thought in terms of the way color serves motion, Denny.

    I wish I knew who owns the car. I’d like a couple of hours with it in a location where I can move it around and stage backgrounds. Specifically, I’d like those two hours to be golden and blue.

  3. I’m with Denny, numero uno. In passing I much prefer the early angle shots you posted Sam. The clutter looking down and across the hood is distracting on this one. Nice, but not nearly as pure as the glowing girl of a week or so ago…just my personal taste.

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