6 thoughts on “What a Photographer Does When the Fish Aren’t Biting

  1. A thought – it’s always worth taking a camera when you go fishing – but it’s not always worth taking a fishing rod when you’re out taking photographs. 😉
    I used to be a keen angler but my catch rate got to be so low that I was spending more time taking ‘nature’ shots. And because I was doing that I used to miss the bites! 😉

  2. I think that was my problem yesterday! Between the turquoise blue water and the wonderful shore birds I couldn’t pay much attention to the nibbles!

  3. I echo Dawn’s comment about the “spot of focus.” Really pulls you in, if you’ll forgive.

    What I also like is the words that go along with this … “Taken from the side of the Bonner Bridge, Outer Banks of North Carolina.” Completely irrelevant since we have none of the bridge in the image and this could have been shot in the local fire department while trucks were being washed, and because of that, the words are wonderfully entertaining. Sort of like … this comment written while two spiders of different species are hanging upside-down on wildly differing webs on the tree outside.

    It’s not useless stuff, though it has no base in visual fact. What happens is that this factually irrelevant information brings a completely new dimension to, and way of thinking about the image. Good fun, Cyndi.

  4. Greg your comment makes me laugh. I rarely make note of where an image was taken in my posts here but for some reason I felt compelled to include what may, as you point out, appear to be basically irrelevant information. I think the image could be puzzling for anyone who knows fishing, depending of course on where that fishing takes place and what the relationship of rod to water surface is. In this case, I was staring down into the water as the line kept trying to go entirely under the bridge due to the current. So the background is all water far below the rod. Glad you had fun with it! I might start a new tradition of adding completely irrelevant comments just for fun!

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