9 thoughts on “Simple

      • I’m with Denny on this image Dawn, I just didn’t couch my phrasing very eloquently…Perfect bokeh and framing, beautiful anti-gravity water droplets,
        subtle shading…you kicked butt with this one!

        …and I was more of a braided lanyard guy at camp (G)

  1. Aside from the incredible beauty of the thing itself, which you recognized, I’m really liking the way you framed this image. Rather than the traditional read from top-left to bottom-right, you bring us right into the image dead center, and from there we explore out along the lines of the web. But what is really nice is that you once again violate the top-left/bottom-right orientation by lining up those four major water droplets trailing off to bottom-left, and guiding our eye off there. Very nice.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful response to the image. I really appreciate the time you spend considering the image – even though I’m not sure I consciously thought that through in composition. I did specifically crop it square and intentionally center the web. I found it fascinating that this was all the web the spider decided to spin. Your recent post highlights that point – these orb weavers usually go for it and spin a fully realized web.

      I saw the owner of the web this morning, just hanging out in his centralized space. A true minimalist. 🙂

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