5 thoughts on “GGB

  1. I like this for the reasons Frank describes, but also because it focuses on the bridge from below, showing the broad shoulders on which the bridge stands. Excellent, Greg.

  2. Nice. Denny keeps saying the things I want to say. Most especially your “from below” shooting position. I’ve been taking a lot of shots of the bridges around here, and am finding that this perspective tends to produce the most visually arresting images. Also, the HDR work (I’m assuming it is here in the red colors) is very tasty. I’m curious … if you did 3-shoot this for HDR, how was the underside of the bridge in your correct exposure? Dark? I’ve been very pleased with what I’ve been able to pull from an image with radical lighting differences with the 3-shot HDR thing.

    • It was three exposures, bridge was VERY dark on the -2 exposure. I agree on the “below” perspective on the bridge shots, makes them feel so much bigger…

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