7 thoughts on “tough terrain …

  1. Very cool, Denny. I’m taking a cue from Frank and thinking this is the innards of a mushroom. Very creative to go looking there for an image. On reflection, it seems a very natural source for texture and space, and some store-bought ones would seem to provide a wealth of opportunity inside where it’s warm in the coming winter months.

    How’d you get it all orange like that?

    • Hey! You’re making people happy Denny including yourself. What better goal can there be in life? Later if you start resorting to petty crime and meth sales to support your photography habit, then we can get out the wet towels, duct tape, and “Intervention For Dummies” handbook. Image processing software wouldn’t include saturation controls if we weren’t supposed to use them, we hold this truth to be self evident!

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