I shot this back on July 24, 2005, 8:58 p.m., according to the data in the file, on one of my many trips up here to the Pacific Northwest. I’ve always liked the shot, but it can be improved on, with better framing, sharpness, and a couple other factors. But I never knew where it was. There’s about 400 miles of coast up here in Oregon, and I was also wandering the Washington coastline at that time. [The other images following continue the story, as it is.] Where is this rock? I kind of gave up.

I recently ran across this image in my archives. I’d appreciated it for the overlook perspective and that magnificent tree in the center. I never saw that the rock on the shore was the same as my singular rock above until a few months ago. Still, no idea where it was.

This last weekend, my brother and I hit Hug Point on the coast and shot it all up. I was looking over my images of south Hug in particular, and saw this one with that flat rock on the far right. I flashed on the previous image and remembered the flat rock in that one also. My rock was close to Hug Point.

And then, I remembered that a shot taken from the highway just before we got to Hug Point had the same flat rock in it. And by gawd, it had my original rock. No fantastic white tree rising out of a mass of green, but my original rock was there in that highway photo and I knew exactly how to get to it now. Okay, maybe it took me a step too many to figure it out, but this was accidental discovery, not directed. And it was a lot more fun. So, now I can plan on being there at a specific time of a clear day/evening, and doing those things I wished I’d done in 2005.

One thought on “resolution.

  1. Magnificent coastline and beautiful shots. It will be interesting to see what you can do with that scenery now. I have a few places I wish I could have do-overs too.

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