4 thoughts on “Galaxie 500

  1. I’m not sure if I’m completely sold on these ultra closeups of the marques but I do enjoy your display of them Sam. If this image were interactive I’d slide left for a more dramatic approach angle and pan out just a hair looking for curves to go with the lucious blues and futura chrome.

  2. Some of your recent car shots have been as much about logos as anything else – I like that aspect of vintage industrial objects quite a lot. My kid brother had a Galaxie 500 – biggest car I’d ever seen. He took me to a pull-apart yard once in search of a door for my Pinto (yeah I know, Pinto). The entire door fit inside the trunk of the Galaxie 500. 🙂

  3. Holidays bring out all the classics. We saw a 1958 Edsel convertible (a Citation model, I believe), the very large variety, make a turn in front of us yesterday into the ice cream/yogurt shop. Biggest thing I’ve seen on wheels in years. The logo of one of those would be something to get, don’t you think? Have you thought of contacting collectors’ clubs? You might find a really receptive group of people with cars you’d have to spend years in car shows to see.

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