channel marker cjane

Some of you have already seen this on but I love this so much I wanted to share it here too. I stumbled upon this while exploring an industrial park in Norfolk, Virginia last week. It looked like a cemetery for old channel markers that are now resting among the trees. They make for rather elegant artwork and some of my favorite images I have ever shot.

Retired Channel Markers

4 thoughts on “Retired Channel Markers

  1. I echo Denny’s comments. You continue to see the things so many of us just pass on by. And then you find the way to present them to us in an artful way. That last part is important. It’s one thing to see a couple rusted-out things. It’s quite another to shoot it in a way that it becomes art.

  2. I think I disagree with Denny. While I like the foliage, I think the contrast between the vibrant colors and the decay make the shot. Then again, Denny is more keyed to the natural while I’m obviously more intrigued by the man-made. Interesting how we parse things so differently. In any case, this is a great shot. One of my favorites.

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