5 thoughts on “Red on Black

  1. Now that’s a paint job Sam, shines like a diamond in a goat’s butt! The reflected rocky outcrop behind the red car really adds to the pizz-azz too. I agree with Dawn, the red splashes set the whole thing off perfectly.

  2. I love the lines and the textures as well as the splash of red. It has shine and grit all at once. And great movement with all the shapes and curves. Very interesting.

  3. This is a case where the technological fuckery was essential to the final shot. That red car reflected all over every light surface of the Impala, to the point where it sort of overwhelmed it. Color Efex Pro allowed me to bleach out all the color that was extraneous fairly simply, leaving me with a better focus. Not sure I think it’s a technically special shot, but it does serve as a nice exercise in using the software to a particular end.

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