Ferry arrives in Edmonds

The recently posted photos from low tide were in the tidal zone to the left of the ferry dock – and under the ferry dock. Thought you might like the big picture. Left of the ferry is also a marine sanctuary – divers have a variety of things sunken in the area for exploration.

9 thoughts on “Ferry arrives in Edmonds

  1. I like this shot a lot Dawn, did you take it from inside an airplane? Do you like to play with exposure, saturation, contrast in post processing or do you prefer to go au naturale? I’d juice it up a little because the white elements are so strong but that is all personal taste. Very nice!

    • Thanks Frank – yep taken from the passenger window of a Cessna… it is a rare treat for me in fly with my son in the summer when he is home from school.
      Natural – out of camera shots for me most of the time. I will tinker ever so slightly with an image sometimes – cropping mostly. I use a point and shoot Lumix. I can shoot in RAW, but seldom do. I have Elements, but haven’t really spent much time or energy with the software. When I finally make the leap to the DSLR I will make the entire commitment, but I am happy to explore with my current tools for now.

    • That is a big improvement. Your version brought to light a piece of our town’s history. Look to the right of the ferry loading arm… you can clearly see the old footings of one of the docks associated with the shingle mills that lined the waterfront. Much better balance and control – thanks for sharing that version.

      • You’re welcome Dawn and thanks for not minding me messing with it. Just my way of saying don’t be afraid to experiment with processing. As long as you save your original and work with copies you can’t hurt a thing. I look at a good capture as a bag of groceries. Once I get it home then I start slicing.dicing,spicing, and cooking it into something more finished and interesting.

        If you’re having fun you’re doing it right!

    • Frank’s version of the image reminded me how we all see the same scene differently. For me it is much easier to take an image that I didn’t shoot and fool around with it because I have no basis for what it “really looked like.” I get stuck in that notion a lot… 🙂

      • What I saw was a really neat bird’s eye view of a bigazz boat heading into dock with a cool wake behind it Dawn. The empty water to the left was extraneous and the unassociated wake behind the ferry distracting, so I whacked them. The white balance was off because you were shooting though a thousand feet or more of moist air that catches the reflection of the sun off the water making everything hazy, so I dialed the exposure down a bit. Then I love crispy blue water and lovely green grass so I rode the contrast, saturation, and sharpness sliders like a circus pony until they popped just short of cartoonish. I don’t know if that helps, but that was my thought process.

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