7 thoughts on “proboscis …

  1. Do you go out to your garden every morning and capture these fabulous vignettes Denny, or do you shoot lots of scenes on weekends, process them, and then dole them out? I love the morning sunlight that bathes your images. And that is a very dapper looking Variegated Fritillary (I’m guessing). If one wishes to drive one’s self mad, learning the taxonomy of flutterbys is a fine place to start!

    • I’ve got a guide. Damned if I can figure identify these insects.

      I shoot four or five mornings a week on my way to university. Most of what I’ve posted over the year has been shot in two specific locations (not counting my backyard), one down the hill from my house, and the other in the woods on campus. The moral, I guess, is you don’t have to travel far to find beauty.

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