3 thoughts on “Society Hill, SC

  1. I love this — green, violet, and an intervening gray. A lovely shot. (The bars on the window above the door leaving me wondering what used to go on inside …)

  2. Denny’s uttered my comments before I could post them; full agreement on those colors. I also like the simplicity of the information in the image and the presentation flat-on. It says something … this is it. Deal with it.

    I do have a problem with this and the previous image however. Neither seem to require a tremendous amount of sunlight. Damn it, Cyndi … you’re taking away my best excuse to my wife for not going out and shooting and catching up on TV instead … there’s no sun out there, dear. [be sure to get the whining sound to that last line in your read of it.]

    Very nice work. The thing that I have come to appreciate in looking at it for a little while is the plant making its way up alongside the door. Not all is dead and forgotten.

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