9 thoughts on “last days in the sun.

  1. Such a pleasing image – it invites this viewer to take the time to think about the details of this sunflower. Did you create this with HDR?

    • Glad you liked the shot, Sam. I did try it per your suggestion with just a wee bit more light in the center of the flower, and while it intuitively seems like a right and proper thing to do, the center lost the power to drive the eye to the orange petals. The blockiness, if you will, of the center makes the viewer seek relief, and that leads them to the petals. Good lesson relearned … it’s a refinement of that old saw about when all things are equal nothing stands out. In this case, when something even just begins to be recognizable (the seed-center), the point of attraction becomes exponentially diminished. Thanks.

      • The more I look at it the more I think you’re right. The darkness of the center and the color burst of the petals accentuates the sun shape and draws the eye up and right. I’ll be quiet now.

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