4 thoughts on “Truck as Planter

  1. Fantastic. Culture expressed. B&W is a perfect choice. Maybe a bit more contrast? Dunnno, I’m sure you tried it. You held the shadows under the fender nicely. This must have been one purely happy thing to encounter. I think there’d be all sorts of camera shake from the giggling if I were to shoot it. Yes. I am a guy. And I do believe this would set me to giggling from mindless joy.

  2. Too funny Greg! My problem with camera shake is usually the fear that I am going to get busted – or shot – for trespassing. So I try to get in and off the property as quickly as possible, and often don’t want to even get out of the car which is still running and adding to shake! So there is much female trembling going on for different reasons.

  3. I love this. Both for the guy truck thing and the sense of entropy in nature reclaiming all things eventually. Is that an old Scout? As for the trespassing, I had a friend who used to say that if it ain’t a felony, it don’t mean squat. Of course, explaining that to an irate landowner isn’t going to do you a lot of good, I suppose. Very nice shot.

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