Sam’s is way better.

This posting was keyed by Sam’s shots of Mackey earlier today. Reflecting on how things have changed since 1995 when this was shot for an online Web site I was putting together for the doctoral program Sam, Denny, and I were in: This was film … Fuji Velvia, as I recall (see those outrageously wonderful blues and greens?). I paid $7.00 to get it digitized. The quality of the image sucks … the scan left a haze, the lens lost clarity at the edges/corners. And I hope I’d never shoot something this plainly again unless I were threatened with forceful tickling or someone was willing to pay me at least $5.00 for the shot.

3 thoughts on “Sam’s is way better.

  1. I taught Monday and Wednesday afternoons in Macky. I’d have office hours on the patio, even in January. It was delightful. I miss Macky.

  2. This is a nice glamour shot but it doesn’t have the edgy drama of Sam’s, nor I suspect was it supposed to. Good job making Dr Denny feel his age
    and pine for the the halcyon days of his youth spent in Boulder with imagery. His sighs are palpable

  3. I like Frank’s comment about the edgy drama of Sam’s shot… different times and sensibilities. I like this shot – very staid and scholarly.

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