Towel and lettuce

Been sharing images from the low tide last weekend. The intertidal zone is a treasure-trove of creatures, plants, colors and smells.

Amid the acres of green can be found the sea weed referred to as Turkish Towel.

Turkish Towel can be harvested and used to make carrageenan – a culinary thickener. Personally, I’ll leave it at the beach…

Lots of players here: the red sheet is Rainbow-leaf and the green is (I think) Green String Lettuce – and maybe others too.

I was watching the birds feasting on this salad bar of bounty – and they don’t have to order shrimp extra.

2 thoughts on “Towel and lettuce

    • How lucky am I to answer – in my relative backyard. The intertidal zone is one of my favorite places on the planet. Life abounds.

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