4 thoughts on “WTF?!

  1. I suspect at some point someone replaced the glass in that storm door with very thin acrylic sheeting Cyndi and that’s what’s giving an undulating reflection of the grass and the curb/vehicle/whatever was behind you. Interesting!

  2. This is the beginning of a very interesting horror novel. The fact that you did not notice it … scary. Have you suddenly become subject to transport to strange lands by passing through doorways, doomed to travel the universal ether until something-something …

    Whatever, it’s quite cool. Amber, my wife and graphic designer extraordinary, did something a number of years back similar when designing our home page for our advertising company, mindthwack. http://www.mindthwack.com/

  3. The contrasting of effects here – the weird whatever the heck is going on with that door vs. the distressed texture of the wall provides an odd, interesting tension. And the two meters to the left, arranged just so, inject a bit of the alien robot into the scene, which is probably why Greg is weirded out. A far more complex shot that you might expect from a locale like this.

  4. I plan to revisit this site within the next few weeks so I will examine it more closely and give an update then! It is a few hours away but along a route I drive regularly. This shot makes me realize that I need to pay more attention when I am snapping pictures! Oftentimes my favorite subjects are not in the safest neighborhoods so I tend to get in and out as quickly as possible!

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