3 thoughts on “Special Caballero DeLuxe

  1. Yes, excellent. And I particularly like the top one. The flare of the fender really defined this car design era to me. It set the stage for similar designs in the late 60s, as I recall. You captured, to my mind, the single most-important part of this car in a very nicely framed image.

    • Thanks, gentlemen. While none of these are especially spectacular, I like them a lot. When I encounter one of these classics I try and understand what makes it special. Sometimes that’s a curve in the body, sometimes it’s something small and less immediately obvious. Cars are teaching me to sad and think about the subject in ways I never did before. Once upon a time there was a guy in Detroit, a creative designer type, who walked out of the plant smiling to himself about a detail in the new model that he’d thought of and perhaps even fought to get included. I’m trying to see these shots as tributes to that guy, even though I’ll never know who he was.

      And yeah, given the era, I’m assuming that it was always a guy.

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