Sam’s is way better.

This posting was keyed by Sam’s shots of Mackey earlier today. Reflecting on how things have changed since 1995 when this was shot for an online Web site I was putting together for the doctoral program Sam, Denny, and I were in: This was film … Fuji Velvia, as I recall (see those outrageously wonderful blues and greens?). I paid $7.00 to get it digitized. The quality of the image sucks … the scan left a haze, the lens lost clarity at the edges/corners. And I hope I’d never shoot something this plainly again unless I were threatened with forceful tickling or someone was willing to pay me at least $5.00 for the shot.

One for Denny – One for Sam

Mt. Rainier – looking east towards the mountain. It lacks technical quality – shot out the window… but I hope you like it all the same Denny.

Sam – you share the exterior and interior of some beautiful vehicles. I used that as inspiration for this shot.