6 thoughts on “Jagstract

    • More or less. I liked the idea of the shot but the execution was meh thanks to a couple factors I couldn’t really control (the sky sucked, for instance), so I was screwing around and experimenting to see if I could do something abstracty that might salvage the shot.

      • As I begin to know you Dr Smith I am reminded of the aphorism “Never left perfect stand in the way of good enough”. It’s a short whirl we all get on the dance floor friend, and I say let’s live it like we stole it. I think you’re doing exceedingly well in this particular endeavor.

  1. I appreciate it. But the thing about hanging with this crowd is that there’s never any time to get complacent. Every time one of my colleagues here posts something I take a deep breath and say okay, time to try harder.

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