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    • Yep, I knew. But I have a long history and fascination with black and white, going back to shooting glaciers in Alaska in the ’60s. While digital photography has made my macro work much easier, I still have great difficulty with fendering highlight detail — or the color white — in digital form. I could do it easily in a darkroom as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post (leave a print in a water bath before the stop bath after development for an hour or so). I think this fern’s detail, in black and white, is something I could in a darkroom. But as you can see, the fern’s detail in the center of the image is washed out too much.

  1. I love black and white, too, but am finding there are certain things that it’s hard to justify monochrome with–especially in the original land of green, Ireland. Are there certain colors that just have a harder time being turned to b & w? I don’t know, but if so, I think green might be one of them.

    • You may be right. So far, I have not produced the monochromatic images I see in my mind’s eye. Given that I live in a green-centric geography, it’s difficult. Greg S has given me some tips that might help in getting my “whites whiter” and the higher contrast I’d like to see.

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