6 thoughts on “a patch of joy in the woods.

    • Thanks. I was afraid this might be a weakness. People love sharpness, but here it all just falls away. Sharp. Light. All of it. It’s not a comment on life and my mood. It’s more a sense of mystery. Where does this all lead to? [and I apologize to you, the J-school prof, for that dangling preposition, but it says it better with it than without it.]

    • I do have a question for everyone … there are bits of the trees above that have fallen on the fronds. Should they be removed to make the shot more marketable, or is its current “real-state” as marketable? I appreciate your thoughts, since I’m going to be doing a lot of this kind of work over the summer.

  1. Are those bracken fern? They are soft and you show them well. Personally I like the bits of trees – they were there, why remove them? Then again you knew I’d say that… *smile*

  2. Well, the presence of bits of fallen leaves and the like really forks the path. Some are going to like the naturalism in it and others are going to prefer something more idealized.

    Is this natural light or are you flashlighting it?

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