7 thoughts on “’cause it’s pretty, dammit …

  1. Quite pretty. I had all sorts of snarky comments about the majority consensus on pretty marginalizing the non-pretty and all that postmodern crap to write, but this is simply pretty. And I’m happy to view it and leave it that way. I suppose it’s poisonous, however.

    • It’s broom – it’s everywhere out here. I don’t know if it is poisonous, just invasive. Denny certainly shares it’s best side with us.

      • just sent this to Sam …
        greg stene

        Sorry, Sam. Beauty ain’t the whole story. Dawn was right. This is an incredibly invasive species that just floods the land where it comes in. Disgusting to see after too many corners are rounded in the car and this stuff is what you encounter again and again.

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