5 thoughts on “evidence of a tree.

    • You called it. The light changes so quickly everywhere. You can’t plan on sun being in any one spot. So, you just kind of wander … though one thing you can do is note where it looks like it might be good tomorrow, and come back again the same time. But then, the light changes place not only on the east-west line according to the increasing (presently) length of the day, but it’s changing the north-south orientation because we’re headed into spring. The light may not be there at all the next day, because it’s fitting into this really small hole in the canopy from an angle that may vary only by half-degrees.

    • Thanks. I’m starting to pay more attention to the central object of attention and trying to let light be the thing that attracts rather than just the object. It’s an old lesson I seem to have wandered from, but in coming back to it, I think my understanding of it kind of got better while i was away. .

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