I Guess It’s Ansel Adams Tribute Week

The other day I posted my meh panorama from Guanella Pass. Then yesterday GregT posts his majestic b/w shot of Mt. Bierstadt, taken a few miles up the road. Well, I was standing a few feet away and took a similar shot myself. I think it lacks a certain something, but what the heck. Two different crops…

Going toe to toe with the esteemed Mr. Thow is educational, but not necessarily much in the ego boost department….

4 thoughts on “I Guess It’s Ansel Adams Tribute Week

  1. I know people. I can have the “esteemed” in Mr. Thow quietly and effectively removed. No one will know. Not even Jimmy Hoffa.

  2. I honestly don’t know what you are talking about.. the shots seem utterly identical to me. I’ll always remember Mt. Bierstadt fondly as the last time Sam and I went out shooting together.. 🙂

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