4 thoughts on “Shockwave

  1. Like so many things – by accident. I was trying to get that effect with lots of blur and the main subject caught clearly. This is the shot where I came the closest. So I took it and processed around the color and motion.

  2. At some point in the process those pure blurs cease being photography and become graphic art, I know. Not sure where that point is exactly, but this one is still mostly photography in that what you see is primarily the result of what I captured in the camera.

    These days I’m trying to experiment as much as I can so I can learn. This recent set of images out of the Bolder Boulder shoot are interesting because they mostly emerge from screw-ups. I had this body of shots that weren’t what I was trying to do, so I started looking at them differently and asking myself what they might yield if I let go of the fact that I hadn’t gotten what I was after.

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