more human than human. more wide than wide.

Four vertical images stitched. An image that would likely be impossible with any lens from this position. A chance to see something in a different way. This is making it more important to plan out the shoot, before ever setting up the camera on the tripod.

3 thoughts on “more human than human. more wide than wide.

  1. Wow. Did you use Photomerge to do this?

    Like it a lot. The trick is going to be final size. If you’re outputting for pano, that meas 20×60, probably. Which raises all kinds of issues about cropping the top and bottom.

    • Yep, Photomerge. Very nice program inside Photoshop. And as it is, I don’t see a need to crop this much. It can be a non-pano (a regular, say 13×19) print with no serious cropping involved. Of course, there’s enough data packed in there to make a really dynamic 26×38, or whatever “regular” rectangular sizes shops tend to print at.

      Glad you like it.

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