Gateway to the Old West: a composition comparison (poll)

I’ve recently been learning more about some of the principles of composition, and in particular am thinking about symmetry and motion through the shot. Last fall I took some pics in and around Taos, and one I took over in Angel Fire has become one of my favorites. But now I’m wondering if a second treatment, which approached the subject from a different perspective, might be better. So what do you think?

Here’s the alternate shot, which I just processed.

And the original.

Vote away.

6 thoughts on “Gateway to the Old West: a composition comparison (poll)

  1. I also like the softer, more subtle coloring in the foreground of the new one. I see more color and interest in the mountains. That with the different perspective makes for a lovely shot.

  2. I like the original, even though its more centered than I would usually think would work, that strong line from the road draws you in and I think you lose that on the alternate.

  3. I’m for the original. It draws you directly in, then curves into a darker part of the background … offering a little mystery.

  4. The fun part about asking opinions is that you just NEVER get consensus. Between here and people who replied on Facebook I think the vote is right at 50/50. Everybody is making good points, though. Many thanks for the feedback.

  5. Depends on what you’re trying to say/accomplish. If you want to suggest the idea of say, “discovery,” the original pulling you into the piece is perfect. If you want to deal with it on a compositional level, I’d say the other accomplishes that in a more interesting manner. I’d also like to reflect the first comment, and say the hues and toning in the second version at top is best and would like to see how it looks if applied to the original version.

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