Not long back I posted this shot, taken at Regis University. I have decided that I wanted to play with the composition a bit, so I went back out there today. Compare and contrast, yo.

The light and processing leave something to be desired because of the damned sun. It wouldn’t go behind the clouds and I couldn’t get an angle where it wasn’t an issue. Of course, it slipped behind the clouds as I was diving away down the street. [sigh]

The composition, though, is about what I want. So if I can get out there when the light is right I’m onto something, I think.


I have also reworked and reprocessed an earlier shot of that sculpture. My original was after a perfect centered symmetry, but in this case I’m obviously looking at a lower left-to-upper right line with the spar. Here’s that shot, and until I can get back out there on the perfect day this is about as good as it’s going to get.

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