5 thoughts on “The Golden Stair

  1. If you (and Denny) haven’t already, I think it’s time you began to develop a portfolio of your architectural work. Aside from selling your services as an arch-shooter, it’ll serve a couple other primary purposes.

    First, by reviewing every arch-image you’ve shot, it provides a great opportunity to view your work as a whole, which can reveal your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities … do you shoot a particular format too often, or just often enough (e.g., symmetry v. asymmetry)… does a particular color theme seem to attract you, what kind of architecture do you feel is missing from your work, etc.

    Second, an actual portfolio (a real-world book, or online) tends to set the idea of your turning professional in place. This blog has been a great showcase, but it includes all your work and other people’s. It’s not anywhere near a portfolio. The same with your private photoblog. There’s too much other stuff there.

    Just something to think about.

    • Well said, and I’m grateful. But for me, right now, this is much-needed therapy. I’m just not in a place where I wish to dive in much more deeply. That day will come, but not tomorrow.

  2. Denver may be considered as one of those numerous USA-cities (13 in a dozen) and not even the capital of Colorado but there are not many places in the USA with such an abundance of ‘Haute Architecture’. Love your pictures!!!

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