Recently returned from a trip home to Virginia. I took a long walk around the old elementary school – eventually walking up the hill to the corner of 21st and Stafford streets. This little intersection was my safety patrol posting. I’m thinking that looks like the original street sign from back in the day – the layers reveal a few overhauls – the dents, perhaps an encounter with a garbage truck.

4 thoughts on “Posting

  1. Ah, safety patrol. White straps across the chest and around the waist. Hanging around, waiting for some kid to try jumping into the creek and berating the hell out of him because, by God and all that’s holy, this bridge across that dangerous three-foot wide creek that I’m pulling safety patrol on is what you’re supposed to use to get across the creek. Not jumping. But you know something, that jumping looks kind of cool. [someplace a long time ago in Georgia outside the public school where you had to recite a new verse from the Bible every home class morning.]

    • They made you have Bible verses in home class of public school? More shocking than safety patrol violations… 🙂

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