8 thoughts on “Pass the time

    • Thanks Sam – it was a beautiful botanical garden in Buffalo. Some lovely spaces in the conservatory – hopefully more photos to follow.

  1. Dawn, as always, very nice work. I really like the asymmetrical approach you took. It balances nicely and draws us in to consider every element of the composition, to unconsciously judge their visual weights and pulls. The careless perfectionist in me looks at the game’s pieces and notices that they’re not all the same size. Pebbles abound. The height of the markers varies. This is an absolute mess. The game looks like it would fall apart if a bird’s errant wingdraft were to pass by. And yet, wouldn’t be just way too cool to play a game there?

    • I like that term careless perfectionist. You wonder, did that game board start life weathered – certainly with uneven playing pieces. How many summer rains showered that board – games called and people abandoning the play?

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