5 thoughts on “the stuff of imagination.

    • Um, I just dropped an image of a near-tornado sky that appeared over my house in Wichita, into the place where a blue sky had been in the trees and grass image. There are a lot of techniques for dropping a sky into a shot (something, which, by the way, seems to be heartily accepted and endorsed by a large number of landscape shooters … so it’s really not so much a dark-side thing … yes, if all my friends jump off a cliff, I will, too). I found that using the Background Eraser in Photoshop was really an effective and quick way to remove all of the sky, no matter where it occurred. Notice how the new sky shows up in even the most complex tree branching, meaning that the BE really took out the original sky BigTime. There is a weakness with the BE, though, and I’ll be looking at refining my use of it and at other methods.

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