neither beginning, nor end.

The full frame has a walking bridge above, and a pool of water below. This is the coolest part of the whole thing. The back falls at top drop into a pool, which runs over the edge at center. The visual of the two combined creates an incredible visual tension.  I figured since I had posted my urban waterfall shot earlier, it was time for this.

4 thoughts on “neither beginning, nor end.

  1. If this is Multnomah Falls, it’s the best image of it I’ve seen. Usually, the walking bridge is shown, and the entirety of the falls is captured in a narrow vertical. I like this fragment of the whole. The highlights in the greenery are just enough to offset the almost dark, brooding tone of the water. An exceptional capture, Greg.

    • Yeah, it’s Multnomah. I took the obligatory shot of bridge and all, and got frustrated and all anxiety ridden and breaking out in hives and nausea with it when it showed up on-screen. It was exactly what you would expect. Me. I did exactly what anyone else would do. I was bummed. But then my eye caught this part of the frame, and I was all over that. Thanks for the comment about it being a good one.

  2. The offset here and the angle – below the level of the second fall – is really compelling. At first it doesn’t look real, which stops you and drags you in to shot.

  3. Neat.
    I had to think about this for a time. How can you have motion blurred water in the background and almost frozen water in the foreground? I guess it is the distance that’s blurring the detail in the background. Very interesting – something I’ll be looking out for – to try out myself. I do like visual/photographic anomalies.

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